Tour de France via On-Bike Cameras

On Bike Camera 560x218

Wearing a camera while competing athletically has been around for over a decade now, and the footage is getting better and better. Companies like GoPro make it possible to get high-resolution video with a high frame rate at a reasonable price for even the weekend enthusiast. However this particular technology is making its way into the Tour de France for the very first time this year. It took a rules exemption to make it happen, and the footage has been very compelling, like witnessing a crash happening directly in front of the camera.

Tour de France Crash 560x218

Check out this example from Stage 3 in London :

Now you know what it’s like to ride IN the peloton. Maybe idiots on the side of the road will watch this and understand why it’s not a good idea to step out in front of these guys. Here are the riders of the Tour going over the cobblestones in Northern France during Stage 5 :