A Look Back at Hot Holiday Toys

Turbo Man 560x271Every year there’s that one toy that crazed parents are willing to do anything for. It’s a concept that was at the center of Arnold’s holiday movie, Jingle All the Way, when he did anything to get a Turbo Man action figure for his son. These are the toys that turn the holiday motto of “Good Will Towards Men” turns into “Every Man for Himself”. The most mild mannered parent will turn into a vicious pit bull when they see that last toy on the shelf and beware anyone who stands in their way.

This year everyone is looking for the Sony PlayStation 5, but it’s far from the first hot holiday toy to cause a frenzy. The following gallery is filled with those toys of years past. Each one was considered the hottest “must have” toy the year they came out. See how many of them you can remember and how many went away as fast as they came on the scene.