The Trailer for Rampart

rampart3 560x352

If you’ve been yearning for another mainstream movie about a corrupt Los Angeles cop, the wait is over. Following in the footsteps of Richard Gere (Internal Affairs), Ray Liotta (Unlawful Entry) Denzel Washington (Training Day) and Matt Dillon (Crash), Woody Harrelson plays Dave Brown, a boozing, womanizing ’90s era police officer who never saw a suspect he didn’t enjoy beating.

The buzz on this has been building since its premiered at the Toronto International Film Fest in September, especially for Harrelson who could be in line for another Oscar nomination. Director Oren Moverman is on a roll after the excellent The Messenger and he’s assembled a wicked good supporting cast that includes Ben Foster, Ice Cube, Sigourney Weaver, Steve Buscemi, Anne Heche and Ned Beatty.

The trailer makes me want to see it, even though the story looks familiar.