Train With PowerHandz

techboxI’ve never thought much of the gloves I used while lifting weights. Cheap black fingerless leather-palmed gloves with Velcro wraps did just fine. Then I tried PowerHandz, a company that actually takes training seriously.

According to its website, Powerhandz “…Combines weight strategically placed around flex points on the top side of the glove and sheepskin leather on the palm. This glove would be used for any sport that requires an athlete to handle a bat or stick. Ideal for baseball or any lifestyle sporting activity.”

unnamed 300x300Along with the pure grip gloves (pictured at right), PowerHandz also sells anti-grip gloves, a pair specifically for golf, and super grip gloves. They also sell sleeves to put around basketballs and footballs to make them more difficult to grip during training.

Though it advertises itself for training with bats, basketballs, footballs, and golf clubs, I’ve found the gloves useful for basic weightlifting. The extra pound on either hand, plus the grip, gives these gloves the edge over other products. The design alone makes them stand out.

These are just the first athletic products from this company, but I’d expect far more in the future. Though priced at $70 for a pair of gloves, serious trainers shouldn’t even blink at that, as these products are virtually guaranteed to make a positive difference while training. Who knows… maybe they’ll even make me a pair of gloves meant specifically for lifting weights.