Train Versus Car Is Always A Mismatch

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Call me insensitive, but I point and laugh every time I see or hear about a train vs. car incident. I don’t wish horrific death on anyone, but if some clown happens to perish while attempting to outwit a hurtling locomotive, so be it. Like Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

(We here at Gunaxin find no real humor in the tragedy of drunks, idiots, douchebags, potential fleeing thieves, or white trash mothers getting straight up flattened by trains for their extreme ignorance and lack of any sense of rational thinking. Just so you know. -Ed.)

If you have a functioning brain, you don’t need to be reminded that train vs. car never ends well for the car, but just in case you were mulling over the notion of tempting fate, here are some eye-opening (and amusing) video examples that should sway your thinking.

Still need convincing? Here’s more of the car losing.

The message here is simple: the train always wins.