A Tribute to A Clockwork Orange’s Alex

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Alex DeLarge is a sociopath who enjoys Beethoven, rape, and ultra-violence. He’s a leader of a gang called the droogs (the term for friend in Nadsat). Portrayed by Malcolm McDowell in the 1971 Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange, Alex is eventually captured and ‘reformed’ via an experiment that makes him sick around violence… and Beethoven. So let’s now pay homage to this classic villain.

First, let’s get in the Alex mood by watching his greatest hits.

Alex Stuff

51YL4rlI+9L. SL500 AA300 e1274493625154 Blu-ray: A Clockwork Orange
The Book: A Clockwork Orange
The Stanley Kubrick Collection
Soundtrack: Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange

Best Alex Dialogue

a clockwork orange alex 300x218Alex: There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening. The Korova milkbar sold milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence.

Alex: Appy-polly-loggies. I had something of a pain in the gulliver so had to sleep. I was not awakened when I gave orders for wakening.

Alex: Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprising visit?

Minister: As I was saying, Alex, you can be instrumental in changing the public verdict. Do you understand, Alex? Have I made myself clear?
Alex: As an unmuddied lake, Fred. As clear as an azure sky of deepest summer. You can rely on me, Fred.

Alex: Initiative comes to thems that wait.

Alex: What we were after now was the old surprise visit. That was a real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultra-violent.

Alex: We were all feeling a bit shagged and fagged and fashed, it being a night of no small expenditure.

Alex: Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well.

Alex: One thing I could never stand was to see a filthy, dirty old drunkie, howling away at the filthy songs of his fathers and going blurp blurp in between as it might be a filthy old orchestra in his stinking, rotten guts. I could never stand to see anyone like that, whatever his age might be, but more especially when he was real old like this one was.

Alex: Ho, ho, ho! Well, if it isn’t fat stinking billy goat Billy Boy in poison! How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if ya have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou!

clockwork orange2 300x293Alex: And the first thing that flashed into my gulliver was that I’d like to have her right down there on the floor with the old in-out, real savage.

Alex: It had been a wonderful evening and what I needed now, to give it the perfect ending, was a little of the Ludwig Van.

[listening to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony]
Alex: Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied, I knew such lovely pictures!

Alex: What you got back home, little sister, to play your fuzzy warbles on? I bet you got little save pitiful, portable picnic players. Come with uncle and hear all proper! Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited.

Alex: As we walked along the flatblock marina, I was calm on the outside, but thinking all the time – Now it was to be Georgie the general, saying what we should do and what not to do, and Dim as his mindless greeding bulldog. But suddenly, I viddied that thinking was for the gloopy ones, and that the oomny ones use like, inspiration and what Bog sends. Now it was lovely music that came into my aid. There was a window open with the stereo on, and I viddied right at once what to do.

Alex: Hi, hi, hi there! At last we meet. Our brief govoreet through the letter-hole was not, shall we say, satisfactory, yes?

Alex: Naughty, naughty, naughty! You filthy old soomka!

Alex: The Durango ’95 purred away a real horrowshow – a nice, warm vibraty feeling all through your guttiwuts. And soon it was trees and dark, my brothers, with real country dark.

Alex: No time for the old in-out, love, I’ve just come to read the meter.

Alex: Eggiwegs! I would like… to smash them!

Alex: You know what you can do with that watch? Stick it up your arse!

Alex: It’s funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.

Alex: I’ve suffered the tortures of the damned, sir
[with innocent reinforcement]
Alex: – tortures of the damned.

A+Clockwork+Orange+1971 300x225[Alex chats up two girls sucking penis-shaped lollies]
Alex: Enjoying that are you my darlin’? Bit cold and pointless isn’t it my lovely? What’s happened to yours my little sister?

Alex: You needn’t take it any further, sir. You’ve proved to me that all this ultra-violence and killing is wrong, wrong, and terribly wrong. I’ve learned me lesson, sir. I’ve seen now what I’ve never seen before. I’m cured! Praise god!
Dr. Brodsky: You’re not cured yet, boy.

Alex: I woke up. The pain and sickness all over me like an animal. Then I realized what it was. The music coming up from the floor was our old friend, Ludwig Van, and the dreaded Ninth Symphony.

Alex: Suddenly, I viddied what I had to do, and what I had wanted to do, and that was to do myself in; to snuff it, to blast off for ever out of this wicked, cruel world. One moment of pain perhaps and, then, sleep for ever, and ever and ever.

Alex: I jumped, O my brothers, and I fell hard but I did not snuff it, oh no. if I had snuffed it, I would not be here to tell what I have told.

Alex: Hey dad, there’s a strange fella sittin’ on the sofa munchy-wunching lomticks of toast.
Dad: That’s Joe. He lives here now. The lodger, that’s what he is. He rents your room.

Alex: I was cured, all right!

Alex on The Simpsons

Bart ClockworkOrange 300x230

  • In the episode “Dog of Death,” Smithers props Santa’s Little Helper’s eyes open and forces him to watch a sequence of destructive scenes set to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, a la the Ludovico Technique. Santa’s Little Helper transforms from playful and friendly to vicious and violent, the opposite reaction of Alex.
  • In the episode “Duffless,” Bart reaches for cupcakes placed by a vengeful Lisa, copying the extreme high and low angle shots used in the film when Alex reaches for the woman’s breasts. Due to Lisa’s conditioning, Bart then falls shivering on the floor, similar to how Alex begins reacting.
  • In the episode “Treehouse of Horror III,” Bart dresses up as Alex for a Halloween party.
  • In the episode “A Streetcar Named Marge,” Bart states “I have a pain in me gulliver,” almost directly quoting Alex.
  • In the episode “Homer the Smithers,” Mr. Burns is lying in bed in a body cast, chewing loudly and pausing his speech for Smithers to spoon-feed him, in a direct allusion to the closing scene in the film when the Minister of the Interior feeds Alex in his hospital bed.

(source: Wikipedia). There’s even a toy!

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Alex and A Clockwork Orange in Music


The band Gnarles Barkley.

A Clockwork Orange is widely alluded to in music, including hip hop, new wave, metal, punk, and dance pop. For an exhaustive list, check out Wikipedia.

If Alex Were a Chick


Christina Aguilera dresses up for her 28th birthday party.

playground 560x841

Wait… this one is better.

Dress Like Alex

A Clockwork Orange Costume
clockwork orange costume

Alex as a Lego

clockwork orage alex delarge custom minifig

3247585721 2141af4138 e1274498610380

Alex as a Vinyl Doll

walyou post roundup 14 a clockwork orange alexvia Walyou

Alex as Paper


Droog Mask

droogmask2 560x609

Alex Action Figure

review clockalex 6review clockalex 3
The Alex action figure is very hard to find. Try eBay and be prepared to spend good money. Here are some photos.

In Conclusion

Let’s watch clips from A Clockwork Orange to the tune of Marilyn Manson.