A Tribute to Edith Bunker of All in the Family


By all accounts, this tribute should be for Jean Stapleton, who died of natural causes at the age of 90 on Friday. But like many people, we here at Gunaxin fondly remember Stapleton for a character she played on television – Edith ‘Dingbat’ Bunker on All in the Family.

Also, we should admit that a few of us had no idea she had lived this long – we thought she passed away years ago on the show Archie’s Bunker’s Place, which was one of the unfunniest moments in classic sitcom history, right up there with the time she was almost raped.

But today, we remember one of the most hilarious roles on television, the loyal, long-suffering wife of Archie Bunker, Edith.

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Edith Quotes

edith bunker all in the family e1308941569399Edith: I ain’t been so proud of you since Uncle Willie cut his finger carving the Thanksgiving turkey and you stopped the bleeding by tying it up with the string they used to tie up the turkey’s you-know-what with.

Beverly: I’m a female impersonator.
Edith: Oh. Ain’t that smart. Who better to impersonate a female than a woman?

Edith: I ain’t going to no bone orchard.

Archie: Here’s something we can see in Disney World. They got an all bear band.
Edith: They got a naked band at Disney World?

Edith: Oh no, see, Archie, you’ll sleep in Teresa’s bed in Mike’s old room and I’ll ask Teresa to come and sleep with me in our bed in our room, and Mike will sleep on the cot in Teresa’s room which used to be Mike’s room where you’ll be sleeping. See, you won’t have to sleep up against nobody, see?

Archie: [Belches after Edith asks him a serious question]
Edith: Does that mean yes or no?

Edith: I’ll never forget the first time I made pot roast for your father. Only he wasn’t your father then, we was just keeping company. I invited him to my house for dinner and I made him pot roast. And that was the first time he ever called me “dingbat.”

Edith and Cling Peaches

Edith and Archie Artwork

archie bunker by artkid01 d597rb1 560x420

via artkid01.deviantart.com

Edith Slaps Archie

Sometimes, Edith stood up to Archie. Like here.

Edith on American Dad

Edith Bunker 560x420

Stan: Dammit! If Francine had been here, she could’ve started the wave of laughter. Laughter is infectious like small pox or gay. She wants to be equal partners? Well, I say no way!
I don’t want a partner, I want a wife
Someone who’s happy taking care of my life
Where’s my Edith Bunker, Laura Petry, Wilma Flintstone?
Edith: I would never let Archie go to a party alone.

Read the rest of the lyrics here.

Edith Reads Playgirl

Edith and Her Family

All In the Family Cast 560x757

Dingbat, Meathead, Gloria, and Archie.

Oh yeah, and then there’s (cousin) Maude.

Finally, let’s watch the moving scene of Carroll O’Connor as Archie Bunker, speaking of his loving wife.

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