A Tribute to the Human Torso From Freaks

human torso

Prince Randian, known as the Human Torso, the Snake Man, the Living Torso, the Human Caterpillar, etc., was a limbless sideshow performer in the early 1900s, and made a memorable appearance in Tod Browning’s 1932 horror film Freaks. Read more about Randian, who was a father of five, on Wikipedia.

PrinceRadian1Prince Randian on the Web

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Rolling a Cigarette

Mini Documentary on Randian

The Human Torso Chachkes

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The Human Torso Model Kit

Prince Randian Freaks Model Kit 2 560x420
Check out Don Capone’s model kit of the Human Torso on his site.

The Human Torso Doll

Prince Randian side 300x139 Prince Randian 290x300

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The Human Torso Statue

freaks Prince Randian02 svia Damaged Goods

Another Human Torso Statue

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The Human Torso Nude Statue

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