A Tribute to Indiana Jones’ Short Round

short round indiana jones

In the brilliant Stephen Spielberg film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, audiences were introduced to the perfect sidekick: the orphan Chinese kid. Ever since then, we’ve all wanted our own Short Round to accompany us on our adventures. Everything about him was great. He was tough, spoke funny, was a trusted ally (though he cheated at cards and picked pockets), and was always in the right place at the right time to get Indy out of trouble. So now, Gunaxin pays tribute to this loyal character.

If you want Short Round’s complete story, read about it at Indiana Jones Wiki.

Short Round Music

All great sidekicks get their own music, and Short Round is no exception. Here is Short Round’s Theme, composed by John Williams on the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Soundtrack, available on Amazon.

Short Round (Actor Jonathan Ke Quan) Today

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Gaaaah! Why do cute child actors grow up to be so funny looking? No wonder Indy did this to him:

Now, here’s what would happen if Short Round grew up for real:

Best Short Round Dialogue

  • Wow! Holy smokes! Crash landing!
  • He no nuts, he crazy!
  • [To Willie] You call him Doctor Jones, doll!
  • [To Willie] Hang on lady, we go for a ride!
  • You listen to me more, you live longer!
  • Indy, I love you! Wake up, Indy! Wake up!
  • What is Sankara?
  • They crash the plane to make you come here?
  • Three aces! I win!
  • You make me poor! No fun! Playing with you no fun!
  • Cover your heart!
  • Diamonds? Diamonds!
  • What’s that? Sounds like step on fortune cookie.
  • I step where you step! I touch nothing!
  • Dr. Jones! No more parachutes!
  • Very funny!
  • All wet!
  • Indy, take the left tunnel! (Indy takes the right) No, Indy! The left tunnel! The left! Indy!
  • Okey-Dokey, Doctor Jones! Hold on to your potato.

Best Short Round Scenes


Short Round Stuff

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Short Round – LEGO Indiana Jones Minifigure
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Hasbro Series 4 Action Figure Short Round418HL n8O+L. SL500 AA280

Indiana Jones Mighty Mugg – Short Round51ynihjrcEL. SL500 AA280 e1268809439453

Lastly, and most least, here is some guy’s Lego-themed play on how it would turn out if Indiana Jones replaced Short Round.

Here’s another take on this: