A Tribute to Iron Maiden’s Eddie

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Credit a chap named Derek Riggs for coming up with the best band mascot of all time — Eddie the Head, from the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Eddie is whatever he needs to be — zombie, pharaoh, robot, even William Wallace. He’s a staple at Iron Maiden shows, usually making an appearance and stomping around on stage during the song “Iron Maiden.” With the band’s 15th studio album coming out, The Final Frontier, let’s pay tribute to the mascot who’s given one of the best metal bands in the world an unforgettable image.

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Let’s get this started by showing Eddie on stage during the Final Frontier Tour in 2010.

Eddie Tattoos

How to Draw Eddie

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From dragoart.com, read the step-by-step instructions for how to draw Eddie from Iron Maiden. Or, watch this guy do it:

Eddie Action Figures

Phantom of the Opera Eddie

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Super Stage Figure Eddie – McFarlane

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Somewhere in Time by NECA

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Eddie the Trooper McFarlane

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Eddie ‘Live After Death’ Figure

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Eddie Art

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The Eddie Collection