A Tribute to Schlitzie, the Pinhead From ‘Freaks’

tribute schlitzie

Schlitzie Surtees is most famous for being one of the sideshow acts from Tod Browning’s 1932 horror film Freaks (Buy on Amazon). Despite frequently wearing a dress, Schlitzie is a man (the dress made it easier for his bathroom needs). Standing at about 4 feet tall, Schlitzie suffered from microcephaly, a neurodevelopmental disorder, and mental retardation. However, he seemed to live a relatively good life while in the care of various people over the years. Even better, he enjoyed performing.

Many sites have covered Schlitze, and we here at Gunaxin wish to pay tribute to this lovable person with some of the best stuff we found on the web.

Schlitzie’s Big Scene

Watch a better version of this scene on YouTube.

Schlitzie Tattoo


Schlitzie Model Kit #1

Sideshow Collectibles once made a Schlitzie model kit. Now it’s a rare item and can sometimes be found on eBay for a relatively high price.

Picture 125

schlitzie surtees 10

Schlitzie Links

Schlitzie Model Kit #2

Schlitzie Model Kit barker Schlitzie Model Kit barker

Here is another model kit, from Don Capone’s Monster Model Kits. (Note that Don Capone is far more famous for doing voice work for commercials and movie trailers.)

Schlitzie Stuff

Schlitzie Freaks Magnet
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Schlitzie Song Tribute

Schlitzie’s (Late) Funeral

Watch Part II of this on YouTube.

schlitzie grave 560x419

via findagrave.com