A Tribute to Spinal Tap’s Amp

goes to 11 560x335

For November 11, 2011 (also known as 11/11/11), because in this society we get all warm and fuzzy when numbers are cool looking, we put our collective heads together at Gunaxin and tried to come up with the Top 11 Things That Go to 11. What did we come up with? Very lame things, like the number of players on a football field, the number of Oscars that Ben-Hur won, and the number of points on the maple leaf of the Canadian flag. In other words, it’ll also be the number of yawns from our audience, assuming they got through the post.

Instead, we’ll highlight a 27-year-old movie reference, perhaps the most famous – and hilarious – ever involving the number 11, from Rob Reiner’s classic Mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap.

Today, we urge you to try to fit this into every conversation you have.

This Is Spinal Tap Set Action Figures

SID3500ALG 560x259

This includes Nigel Tufnel, Derek Smalls, and David St. Hubbins 12″ figures.