A Tribute to the Village People


Don’t lie, deep down part of you enjoys the Village People. It is understandable and easily explained. They were sincere. They weren’t out to become a global phenomenon, they just saw a niche they wanted to target and had fun doing it. Campy, honest fun, added with music that was not groundbreaking but at the high end of the quality spectrum for the genre. So I tell you, straight guy to straight guy, there is no shame in enjoying the Village People. They had more fun, and were more sincere than every American Idol Finalist, ever. Not only that, they made better music, sold more records, and will be remembered long after Idol is done and gone.

So grab your woman, your gay buddy, that “weird” uncle, and your closet case co-worker, and lets take stroll through the awesomeness that is the Village People.

VP Walf of Fame 560x843

Village People getting their Star on the Walk of Fame in 2008

As always the best place to start is wikipedia, where we learn, that the Village People are still doing their thing. With half the original members even! The Indian, Felipe Rose, The Military Man, Alex Briley, and the Construction Worker, David Hodo, are still in the band. And may I look that good, be having that much fun, and doing what I love when I get to be their age!

The Village people have been paid tribute to in a number of different ways, from guys dressing up at Halloween, which I will spare you as you see it every year, to strange but cool things like cross stitch 8-bit style portraits.

VP cross stitch

8 bits of stitched gay disco coolness

They’ve been done as Legos

VP Lego1

And as inevitable, a Lego Village People Tattoo. Warning, a search of Village People tattoo will yield scary results that have nothing to do with the Village People.

VP leog Tattoo 560x624

And, surprisingly, LOLCats have been all over the YMCA, except for the letter A. As flexible as cats are, I am shocked by this tragic failure.

VP Lol Y

VP Lol M

VP Lol C

So sad..

But to make up for it there is a Village People Video Game, available for download.

The best thing about them is that despite the unavoidable YMCA, they had more than one hit.

And some awesome covers:

Did you know that it was not the death of Disco that caused the big downfall in their career? No, it was a really bad movie from 1980.

They are still having fun, and for proof, go visit their Official Website. Where they have all sorts cool pictures and news updates. Including a whole gallery of wannabes. Note: there has not any online evidence of a well done group costume of women doing the Trashy Village People.

VP Girls 560x563

the slutty village people costumes are always missing people

Lastly, before we say good bye to the village people. you need to take a the facebook quiz! Which Village Person are you?

VP Quiz

I'm the Construction Worker!