A Tribute to Uncle Fester


Fester Addams, widely known as Uncle Fester, is the brother of Gomez Addams in The Addams Family cartoon andĀ films (but Morticia’s uncle in the TV series). He’s an oddball character who can make a light bulb shine just by putting it in his mouth, enjoys tightening his head in a screw press for fun, and likes to blow things up. There’s really not much else to him. Now let’s appreciate the wonders that are Fester Addams.

Uncle Fester Through the Years

Charles Addams Comic
unclefester 300x244

Jackie Coogan (TV series)
UncleFester 300x222(Listen)

Cartoon Series
addamsfamily3un8 300x225

Christopher Lloyd (movies)
fester1 (Listen)

(We’ll pretend that Patrick Thomas in the third, Addams Family Reunion, never happened). Fester’s voice changed from the high-pitch Curly by Coogan to the creepy old man by Lloyd.

Alternate Uncle Fester Meanings

According to the Urban Dictionary, ‘Uncle Fester’ could be…

  • a method of smoking marijuana using an ice mold (saucepan, or dutch oven work best) to chill a glass into which a blunt or joint is shotgunned until the smoke collects and appears to be milky white or tan at the bottom of the glass, then “drink” (breathe in) the smoke
    Who used the last clean pot to make the uncle fester?
  • An unflushed dump left in the toilet
  • Kiddie fiddler
  • A person who uses a modified light bulb to smoke Meth.

The Uncle Fester Song

Remember this?

“The Addams Family started,
When Uncle Fester farted,
They all became retarded,
The Addams Family!”

People Who Look Like Uncle Fester

larry david pic 75x75

Larry David

vindiesel 75x75

Vin Diesel

seanconnery 75x75

Sean Connery

patrickstewart 75x75

P. Stewart

michaelrosenbaum 75x75


michaeljordan 75x75

M. Jordan

jasonstatham 75x75

J. Statham

brucewillis 75x75

Bruce Willis

agassi 75x75

Andre Agassi

rosie 75x75

R. O’Donnell

Dress Like Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester Adult Costume and Mask
21WHmVPkkRL. SL500 AA300

Magic Light Bulb
41T123Q8D1L. SL500 AA300