A Tribute to Yosemite Sam

yosemite sam

Yosemite Sam is the short, angry, gun-slinging cowboy in Looney Tunes. He’s often seen chasing after Bugs Bunny due to his intense hatred of rabbits. He’s been appearing in cartoons since 1945, although a similar character had appeared since 1943. Read more about Yosemite Sam on Wikipedia, and be sure to like Yosemite Sam on Facebook.

Yosemite Sam Sounds

syosamady sam soundboardYosemite Sam Soundboard
You have probably seen soundboards like this around on the internet. You can use them to prank call your friends. This soundboard is made up of Yosemite Sam sounds.

How to Draw Yosemite Sam

From dragoart.com.

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Yosemite Sam Tattoos

Yosemite Sam Wallpaper

Yosemite Sam Stuff

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Yosemite Sam Pendant with Enamel
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