Fun With Sand People

fun with sand people

The Sand People in Star Wars are the nomadic scavenger desert thieves on the planet Tatooine. They were later renamed ‘Tusken Raiders’ since they found ‘Sand People’ to be politically incorrect (I think the Jawas were originally known as desert scavenger midgets). Read more about Tusken Raiders on Wookieepedia.

Sand People Dialogue

Mix your own Sand People sounds at Star Wars Soundboards.

Sand People at the Office

Sand People Action Figures

4378020942 f5efc7e819via flickr

There are several Sand People action figures available on

Original Kenner Toy

imageload 213x300
I had it, but I wasn’t a fan because his plastic robe easily tore off and his gaderffii easily snapped on the end. Later versions of him had a cloth robe.

Sand Women and Children

4150KP80TFL. AA300

Hot, huh? Nomad gypsy women rock. Even better, there are action figures for the Tusken Raider Female with Tusken Child.

Under the Tusken Sun

Tusken Raiders Meet Oakland Raiders

tusken raider

The Sand People Choir

Marc Ecko T-Shirt

pECKO1 6478103dt e1293336633123

This shirt is hard to find now but it may come up on eBay. I’m surprised that there isn’t a Marc Ecko Tusken hoodie, like he did with Boba Fett.

Sand People on Family Guy’s Blue Harvest

Expensive Sand People Statues

Sideshow’s 1/4 Scale Premium Format Tusken Raider


This statue, which had a starting price of $300, has received great reviews from collectors.

Sideshow’s Revenge of the Jedi

200112 press01 001 560x408

This isn’t a huge statue and yes, it is from the prequels, but it does depict Anakin Skywalker slaughtering these desert-dwelling nerf-herders.

Gentle Giant’s Tusken Raider Mini-Busttuskenraider

He did it! He’s doing the pose!

Gentle Giant’s Bantha and Tusken Raider Statue
51FamGFsWrL. SL500 AA300

Here is a statue of a Tusken Raider on his elephant in drag.

Sand People Weapons

Cycler Rifle
830px Tusken raider rifle 560x132

Gaderffii (Gaffi Stick)

Sand People’s Best Friend

banthaIt’s the Bantha, a woolly mammoth looking mofo. Read more about the Bantha on Wookieepedia.

Sand People Outfits

Outfit links

JezTusccloth 237x300


Sand People Tattoos

Tusken 1 tusken raider tattoo 480x480 e1293263089580 207x300
tusken tusken raider by tattoos by zip1 560x831

Tusken Raider at Sci-fi Convention

Sand People Hunting Humans

Sand People and Princess Leia Dancing

More Slave Leias should dance like this. Professionally in clubs.

Sand People Art

519px Tusken Unleashedvia starwarswiki

More Tusken Raider art from: