TV Hype: How To Make It In America


A show that flew under the radar last winter, despite it nearly being impossible for a HBO show to fly under the radar, was How to Make it in America. The eight-episode first season quietly came and went, and after some uncertainty was recently renewed for a second season which will premiere in early October. A first (brief) look at the new season was recently released:

At some point in the coming months, I recommend picking up the first season on Netflix¬†or HBO Go. It’s a quick watch, as the episodes are only 30 minutes long and move quickly. Think of the show as a version of Entourage (back when it was still good); it takes place in New York City, is focused on the¬†characters working towards success instead of already having achieved it, and with a higher quality of acting.

The show isn’t going to rock your world or inspire essays, college courses, and hours of debate like The Wire, The Sopranos or Game of Thrones, yet it makes for quality viewing and provides an entertaining look at the different neighborhoods of NYC.