Twelve Commercials Featuring Famous Cartoon Characters

Wheat Thins Family Guy 560x279

Commercials… am I right? Nobody really likes commercials even if they are shilling products, goods and services we actually find useful. Sure, some are funny, and cute, and maybe even actually kind of good, but they’re still commercials and they interrupt our shows, dammit! Now that I’ve made you sufficiently angry, here are some commercials that actually featured some of our favorite cartoon characters. You might have been too busy over the decades ignoring them to have seen them the first time. Now, you have NO CHOICE! HA-HA! I’m naughty.

Bugs Bunny for Trix and Kool-Aid

I think I'd buy just about anything Bugs Bunny tried to sell me, even if I hate both Trix and Kool-Aid. Now get off my lawn!

Peanuts for Chex

It seems to me that both Charlie Brown and Lucy prefer their friends and neighbors keep their grubby mitts of their Chex Party Mix. Though for vastly different reasons.

Foghorn Leghorn for KFC

That's kind of... ghoulish, dontcha think?

Underdog for Cheerios

Why can't Underdog use the damn door?

Pink Panther for Insulation

There are a bunch of these, so I just chose this one as a decent representative. Not much variety with a mute cartoon cat.

Strawberry Shortcake Cereal

The cuteness is almost overwhelming.

Mr. Magoo for Stag Beer

Mr. Magoo had some serious issues. Nearsightedness was the least of them.

Wile E. Coyote for Energizer

I love how the end says, in tiny writing, "Simulated Demonstration." Wait, you mean coyotes can't fly and/or use blueprints? Wow.

Smurfs for Smurf Berry Crunch

"I hate cows!" Best part.

Flintstones for Winston Cigarettes

I don't smoke and damn I want a Winston right about now! Fred, Barney? You corrupted me!

The Simpsons for Butterfinger

"Ah! Crabs!" Classic.

Family Guy for Wheat Thins

I really wish this one ended with someone eating Meg's hair.