Twelve Days of Christmas Movie Scenes: Black Christmas

black christmas header 560x316

You gotta hand it to the horror genre. When it comes to devising a time and place for bloodletting, nothing is sacred. Not even Christmas. I recall fondly the big to-do spawned by the release of 1984’s Silent Night, Deadly Night. A serial killer dressed as Santy Clause? Heavens to Betsy, how could they sully the reputation of a fictional fat man who creeps into children’s homes late at night to eat cookies and pull gifts from his enormous sack? Curse them for exercising creative license and freedom of expression.

I digress. A decade prior to Silent Night, Deadly Night, a sorority house slasher terrorized audiences in Black Christmas, a flick that kinda sorta laid the groundwork for Halloween and Friday the 13th. In the following scene, 26-year-old Lois Lane gets iced while kiddie carolers sing their precious little hearts out. It’s quite festive, if you find brutal stabbings festive.