Twenty Clever Billboards

Lowes 560x280

Know what’s funny? Billboards. Not all the time, but often. Sometimes they’re unintentionally funny, sometimes they’re purposely humorous, and other times still they’re just, well, misplaced all together. So… enjoy some billboards.

billboard 20As much as I get a great belly laugh out of this impossible choice in advertising locations -for EITHER of these companies- I find it sorrowfully disconcerting that it even got green-lit on the first place. I can see a few marketing geniuses getting the ax for this one.

billboard 19

If you can’t read the selling point, it says: ‘No Size Limits.’ That is great considering the pair of tiny hands at the bottom hiding what is supposed to be a complete person behind it – possibly in serious pain.

billboard 18

No real need for clever commentary on this one. The display absolutely says it all. Very cool.

billboard 17

McDonald’s triple-thick shakes were made all the rage a few years ago when they decided to revamp their formula mix and, apparently, add even more of the non-dairy stuff they’d already had in there. I have to admit, coming directly from things completely opposite of milk and ice cream, McDonald’s shakes are still pretty damn tasty.

billboard 16

Darn cool ad featuring a sensor that trips whenever anyone walks directly underneath it. The bulb lights, you, sir, have a sudden flash of brilliance, and go on to invent future billboards as clever as this one. The circle of commercialism.

billboard 15

Well played, Silberman’s, well played indeed.

billboard 14

I used to imbibe on SoCo fairly heavily in my sad, miserable early-twenties more frequently than I care -or can- remember, and, as the ad states, it honestly helps get a chick out of her clothing. Often times much to her dismay. That’s unfortunate.

billboard 13

Man, now that’s just hitting below the belt! I’d bet this ad was devised by someone from Michigan, too!

billboard 12

I honestly had to read this twice. For some reason I was confused (maybe the SoCo making a come back) and I didn’t quite get it. But, once the funny settled in, I chortled heartily.

billboard 11

Though I can’t personally vouch for the validity of this sign, I do know that both of these places co-exist on the east cost where Giant is a large grocery store comparable to Meijer here in the Mid-States. So, with that, however possible this isn’t, it also ‘is’ and ‘is’ damn funny!

billboard 10 560x424

A lovely ad for Heineken Beer featuring some disembodied specter reaching from the nether-world for a nice cold one. I love how the fingers look exactly how they would if one was to press a hand through a sheet of green fabric in order to grasp a significantly smaller bottle. Yeah, the damn size ratio is way off here, and that pisses me off a little. Other than that, very cool.

billboard 9

Boy, those shish kebobs look so damn tasty, I wish I could just… what? Oh, man, that’s just not right! What is the Bursa Kebab company trying to say here? That my date is somehow poke-worthy? Wait a second… maybe that’s what they mean!

billboard 8 560x387

The obvious point here is that FedEx will deliver anywhere, even skyward to Glory. I have to hand it to whomever designed this billboard since it forced the installation company to erect perhaps the tallest ladder ever made. You know, if they made a ladder this tall, one could assume they could make one long enough to reach space. Not such a silly idea now, is it?

billboard 7 560x374

I’m sorry, I hate soccer. I’m just so done with the goddamn Beckham and his Popsicle-stick wife occupying so much time here in our country either trying to out-chic everyone else or else being perpetually injured and completely irritating. Soccer is dull, boring, annoying, low-scoring, and has no place in a country that already has hockey. (Just kidding! I love hockey.)

billboard 6

This is the second DHL ad I’ve found and I have to say it’s just a clever as the one from my previous list with the tiny hands at the bottom. This one is apparently illustrating the fact that the delivery people will bring you your package regardless of where you are, even if it’s in a labyrinth. Package for Hoggle right on time.

billboard 4 560x376

What this Lego ad is not telling you is that there is a little kid behind the controls of the crane and he’s just about to put the finishing brick in the world’s biggest multi-colored castle. The tower features twelve doors all right next to each other, sixteen trees in the bedroom, a guy with three heads and a hat, and nine wheels all on the right side. Now that sounds like fun.

billboard 3 560x420

This billboard is from Liberia and obviously features the opposite of what the wording suggests. Apparently the wife-beating issue over there is pretty damn bad to require a sizable out-door sign decrying the act. Also, it seems Liberian adverts allow boobies… cuz, ya know, boobies! Oh, and shame on you! There’s a message there, sick-o!

billboard 2

Never has there been a more effective ad campaign featuring a nose-down truck balancing precariously as to suggest at any minute it might topple over, thereby ruining the entire idea. This is just amazing. I have no idea how they did this; presumably there’s a rod running through the center to keep it upright (I said ‘rod’ and ‘upright’) and it most certainly gets the point across magnificently.

billboard 1

I have no clue as to the product or company behind this billboard, but it is certainly eye-catching and scary as shit. Imagine, if you will, cruising down a lonely back road in some state in the middle of nowhere relying on only your headlights and that Garmin box on your dash, when this billboard appears from behind a tree. I, sir, would shit an entire plum.

billboard 5

Nazi/Jewish prison camps are most definitely nothing to laugh at… normally. But come on! This sign is hilarious! I despise Oprah almost as much as soccer (see above) and the thought of this possibly sort of being true, in a round about way, makes me grin. And now I’m going to Hell.