25 Bizarre Comics Covers

Googam 560x263Back before everything in the comic book world was either half-naked chicks, humongous guns, or ridiculous displays of power, there were such things as stories and exciting adventures. Space aliens reigned, galactic battles were waged, and gigantic monsters roamed the countryside stomping everything in their paths. But, despite these marked improvements over today’s tripe, they were still pretty bizarre and incredibly silly. So why not relive the old days and check out these 25 comic covers from back when weird and goofy were where it was at. Oh, and I’ve left off the snide comments only because these things pretty much speak for themselves.


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Mystery in Space!

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Space Hitchhiker

24 1

“I Filmed the Cosmic Wonders!”

27 1

Prisoners of the Lighthouse Creatures!

36 1

The Amazing Space Flight of North America

44 1

The Magic Kite

45 1 1

Jovian Carrier Monster

45 1

Space Ranger’s Super Enemy

51 1

Saturnian Sea

69 1

Menace of the Alien Test Tubes!

81 1

King of the Nightmare Jungle

83 1

The Truth Binoculars

87 1

Space Baby!

101 1

“Have You the Nerve to Face the Unexpected?”

120 1

The Edge of Madness

132 1

The Secret Prisoner

134 1

Now I Lay Me Down to DIE!

142 1

House of Mystery

143 1

Dial H For Hero

160 1

The King of the Curses!

166 1

“Now Meet Some Fellow Campers!”

176 1

Five Fright Filled Stories…

187 11

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