Twitter Trends – If Rex Ryan…

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Rex Ryan’s latest boast that if he had taken over the San Diego Chargers in 2007 they would have two Super Bowls by now, inspired the #IfRexRyan trend to take on Twitter. Enjoy —

@NJLance – #IfRexRyan – Was President there’d be world peace, no deficit and unemployment would be 0.0%

@MikeFrancesaNY – #IfRexRyan – played first base, da Red Sox win in 86

@WBudd21 – #IfRexRyan – Was Dave Kujan, he would have know Verbal was Keyser Soze sooner

@BabyBuffaloBush – #IfRexRyan – Were in a fight with Chuck Norris, it would be a tie

@Tommy_Torocco – #IfRexRyan – was interviewed by Suzy Kolber, she’d want to kiss him

@BMurt3 – #IfRexRyan – was the guard at Ford’s Theatre, Lincoln would have never been shot

@Paultyahla – #IfRexRyan – was born in Moscow, there would be a Soviet Flag on the moon

@Brianspeaksnow – #IfRexRyan – invented Google+, it’d have already surpassed Facebook

@Bloomdawg – #IfRexRyan – was the commissioner of the NBA there would no NBA Lockout

@McLooth – #IfRexRyan – weren’t a football coach, he would’ve invented the IPod before Steve Jobs

@BAMBAMBPT – #IfRexRyan – owned Death Row Records Tupac would still be alive