UFC 128 Aftermatch

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The winner, in more ways than one...

I had the pleasure of going to UFC 128. What’s that you say? Whoa whoa whoa. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m not important enough to get credentials and my pretend best friend forever Ben Fowlkes denied my requests to hang out in the slums of Newark with me. So I went as a civilian.

This is not a bad thing at all, but of course it isn’t an awesome thing. I went to UFC 111 for GSP v. Hardy/Carwin v. Mir as well, and I think I liked that card a little better. Probably because of the dual title fight, which is always amazing.

Now I bring this up because this is my second time in the shitty ghetto of Newark and the Prudential Center and I’ve seen the barbarians that live around there and first thing is first… that Jones v. Mugger story sounded really fake. I think Jones is probably the toughest man(boy?) on the planet but fighting crime is a different story. He’s not Batman.

In a cage, Jones is probably the best fighter the UFC has. I’m including all divisions. I think Jones’ height, reach, strength and unique style make him a formidable opponent for any man, despite weight.

Would a guy like Brock be able to out muscle him? Sure. Would a guy like Shane Carwin be able to send him into orbit with an uppercut? Of course.

But I think if you take what Jones is… add in an unpredictability in the striking game and a very talented wrestling game, how can you beat this kid?

The thing is, you are in a cage. The other fighter is searched and respectful. It’s not like Shogun was going to be strapped when Herb Dean patted him down. I’m just saying that the type of person in and around this Newark arena look like they would be the type to carry a gun.

And lastly, how did NO ONE film this? No one watched this guy come from his car to the stadium? Cameras are on fighters in title matches all the time. Where the hell was TMZ and that shifty Jew-lawyer? I want answers, dammit! I’m a man! I guess, Manswers if you will.

The bottom line is, this was all really convenient that the All-American kid from NY stops a cat-burglar in the slums of Newark, New Jersey and then goes on to win the 205 lb. championship belt right next door to the huge market Dana White and MMA are trying to get into. You see where I’m going with this?

Anyway, the fights were awesome. A lot of questions were answered but they created even more questions. Why? Because fans of violence are impatient. I had to watch this Police Brutality video just to get my fix.

I’m just going to mention the rest (Bulletpoints FTW!):

  • Urijah Faber though not as strong (physically) looked pretty good at 145 lbs. Looks like the UFC can start promoting a solid title match.
  • Jon Jones might start earning a pension from the UFC like the overpaid teachers and corrupt cops after 20 years of being 205 lbs. champ
  • Cro Cop is done. Hopefully. For his sake. And Cro Cop fans’ sake. I don’t know what’s worse. Getting knocked out like that, or admitting you were a Cro Cop fan after the fact.
  • Brendon Schaub might be a top contender. I’d love to see him get a big match.
  • I still consider Shogun one of the toughest people in the world. His gameplan seemed off. And I don’t fault you for losing to a phenom.
  • The Miller brothers, Kurt Pelligrino and Ricardo Almeida are boring/douchey. It might be time for Dana White to start thinking about putting guys like Weidman, Villante and Serra on these cards because all of the Jersey fighters basically killed the energy. As for the douchey part, well I just don’t like people from Jersey.
  • Nate Marquardt is 6-3 since losing to Anderson Silva. Will he ever put together a string of fights long enough for a title shot? I sure hope so. My favorite fighter just isn’t ending fights like he used to. Not counting the Palhares fight, which was a “tough to defend” TKO, he’s been to 3 decisions in his last 4 fights. Losing 2 of them. STEP YA GAME UP, NATE THE GREAT!

  • Insane scenario update: GSP needs to beat Jake Shields to get GSP v. Anderson Silva. Anderson Silva needs to beat GSP and then move up in weight to fight Jon Jones. Then, the world will end.

Until next time, Gunaxin readers (read as: tomorrow).