Ultimate Awesome Tattoo Compilation

Shark Tattoo 560x299Since times immemorial, dudes have been etching stuff into their skin in a permanent fashion. The earliest tattoos go as far back as the Neolithic age, when it’s assumed that pointy bones were used to do the deed.

Needless to say, the process has lost some of its sense of gravitas as times have progressed, but that doesn’t mean that somewhere amidst the mountains of lower-back butterfly tattoos (we’re looking at you, Mosby), chain-links on biceps, and random Chinese characters, there isn’t a place for some honestly ass-kicking art.

We know how incredibly funny it is to mock those walking warning signs that are bad tattoos, but we thought it’d be cool to take the time to take a look at some of the rare, actually good ones. So, for your viewing pleasure, we at the Gunaxin labs have compiled a huge-ass gallery of some of our favorite awesome tattoos. If after viewing it, you feel the overwhelming need to run to your nearest tattoo parlor, please, please check out some of their previous work first, the world doesn’t need any more sloppily inked atrocities.

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If you like what you see, we’d like to point you towards the personal sites of some of the tattoo artists featured, let them know how freaking great they are! Marcin Surowiec, Lianne Moule & Jeff Gogue, pay them a visit.