University of California Says No to Baseball

California logoAccording to numerous locations, the University of California has announced that they do not plan on reinstating their baseball program.

They are however planning on reinstating women’s gymnastics, women’s lacrosse and men’s rugby, but were unable to secure funds for baseball or men’s gymnastics.

We’ll give you a moment to pour one out for the men’s gymnastics team.

In all seriousness, there were efforts to raise funds to keep baseball alive at the University of California, but they ultimately fell short.

Not surprisingly, Title IX played a large role in the university’s decision. The university is forced to meet the requirements of Title IX, meaning they had to increase the number of women’s sports offered so that the women’s and men’s programs are equal.

The cut programs were asked to raise sufficient funding for the next seven to 10 years and were instructed to come up with a plan to be financially independent.

Obviously, the baseball program has more costs associated with it than a rugby team would, and is part of the reason why they are not being reinstated.

News that a university the size of California is unable to field a baseball team comes as troubling news to smaller universities that may be facing similar problems. Title IX is designed to keep level playing fields between men’s and women’s sports associations, which means there will ultimately be casualties.