Useless Things on the Internet: XMarks Site Topics

useless thingsXMarks is one of the most useful Firefox plug-ins available. It syncs your bookmarks so you can use them on any computer, so long as the computer has Firefox and XMarks installed.

But it’s not just for bookmarks. It also has a site topic feature, which lets you search, rank and review sites. Here’s an example. Search for stuff you like on Google.

Picture 15 560x120As you can see, Gunaxin ranks #53 in the ‘Guys’ category, which we were initially proud of. No. 1? The legendary Also on the list are other friends, such as GorillaMask, Guyism, COED Magazine, and Maxim.

But what’s really annoying about this ‘Guys’ topic is that it’s filled with gay porn sites. That means people are cruising the Internet for gay porn, then ranking the sites in the ‘Guys’ category. Then normal people come along, searching the ‘Net for the top sites for guys on XMarks, and find mostly gay porn. Not cool.

Never fear. XMarks offers a Safe Mode to filter out the naughty sites from the topic searches, getting rid of 88 of the 127 ‘Guys’ sites, thus changing Gunaxin’s rank to… actually, we’re ‘unsafe’ too.

Anyway, once you turn off Safe Mode, skip past the gay porn sites that are ranked ahead of us, you’ll find Gunaxin on page six, right behind a site called “dudesnude.” Anyway, then you can see where else we’re ranked for certain topics.

Picture 21 560x244As you can see, Gunaxin isn’t just ranked #53 in Guys, but also #108 in Man, #178 in Men, #844 in Weblogs, #926 in Girls, #1,583 in Celebrities, #6,543 in Blogs, #8,651 in Humor (which seems about right), #15,203 in Sports, and #45,718 in porn.

Our new motto is “Gunaxin: #45,718 in porn on the web.”

Anyway, after this experiment, it’s apparent that the XMarks site topic feature is indeed a USELESS THING ON THE INTERNET.