Ten Uses for the Bucs’ Orange Uniforms

Bucs Intro e1291960696298 560x313

The touch... the feel... of creamsicle.

The Bucs went old school with the uniforms last week, like this old school :

… and yes, it’s a ploy to make money… the NFL is in the business of making money… been doing it a long time… they’re really fuckin’ good at it. While they took it up the ass on a pick by my man Josh Freeman, the joy of the game (they pushed the Falcons, matched ’em score for score in the first half and won the third quarter) and the sight of grown men wearing Push-Up Pops got me to thinking. Since they aren’t likely to wear these unis again for awhile, where else can we put these jerseys to use?


Roadside Clean-up
Work Release e1291990393264

... and lookin' GOOD doing it!


At Mile High Stadium
Barrel Man1

Rest in peace, brother.


In Prison
Prison Friends 560x371

Group photo time for the NFL Player's Union...


On the Autobahn
Autobohn 560x420

No idea what this is, but I like it.


In Space
astronauts orange spacesuits 100602 02 560x357

The dude in the middle didn't get the memo about lining up by height


Rooting for the Dutch
2 560x371

Making Oranje look good!


daily picdump 535 640 74 560x374

I thought they wore orange so they didn't get shot?


In a Filipino Dance Team


In a Celebrity Mugshot

Making friends, influencing people.


On Brooklyn Decker
brooklyn decker si 2008 560x370

Orange never looked so good.

(And THAT is how you make orange a worthy fashion statement. Thank you, Brooklyn.)