Valentine’s Night Looks Awful in a Good Way

valentines night header1 560x293While watching Bollywood movie trailers for over an hour the other day (I love my job), I stumbled across what might be the greatest non-horror Valentine’s themed flick ever produced (hyperbole alert). Unlike the saccharine swill Tinseltown pumps out this time of year (ahem, The Vow), the Hindus prefer to lean toward the ridiculous rather than the serious. Or maybe it’s the opposite? The beauty of Bollywood is it’s difficult to tell what the Vishnu is going on.

Take Valentine’s Night for instance. It might be a feeble attempt to remake Valentine’s Day, or it could be a feeble attempt at filmmaking altogether. It hardly matters, because it’s chock-full of win.

Ten things I love about this trailer:

  • Three finger-pointings and two slaps to the face in the first 25 seconds
  • A five-way split screen (classy!)
  • The most awesome party car ever (with twinkling hood lights)
  • A trio of Hindu hotness
  • Pointless transitions to black and white
  • Slow-mo gunshot
  • Mistaken identity!!
  • Dude in camo jacket
  • Tiny police car
  • Funny but dangerous

*books plane ticket to Delhi, pops open champagne, fires six-shooter into the air*