Vick’s Voodoo Doll

Despite the fact that the NFL season is only three weeks old, the Philadelphia Eagles have already seen their share of drama.

First, they signed PETA’s worst enemy, dramatically changing their offense. Then, Donovan forgot to eat his chunky soup, cracking his ribs in the opening game. And before the dust had a chance to settle, the Eagles signed Jeff Garcia, adding another piece to the quarterback puzzle.

So even though things are starting to calm down — Garcia was released recently and Donovan looks well on the road to recovery — the Eagles’ locker room has been a strange place these past few weeks…

Vick’s Voodoo Doll

Vick’s Voodoo Doll

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Don’t worry, Jeff. If you’re lucky, the 49ers will be calling sometime soon…we know you love the Bay Area vibe.

Video courtesy of the Global Sports Fraternity.