A Virtual Trip to Hawaii

kauai 560x232As we enter summer, we’re happy to offer you a glimpse of a magical place to spend your vacation time this year. We’re not going to lie, one of the main reasons we watched Hawaii Five-0 was to see all of the beautiful scenery, and we’re not just talking about the ladies.

Check out these jaw­ dropping videos from Go Hawaii to get a taste of how you might be able to escape to the islands. At the very least, it’s a nice way to treat yourself to a little virtual sand and surf if you’re trapped at your desk! Check out GoHawaii.com to learn more about adventures you can take on the islands.


1 560x241Oahu is where the action is. It’s the cultural center of Hawaii, and the top tourist destination among the islands. As “The Gathering Place,” it truly is the heart of Hawaii and home to perhaps the world’s most legendary beach, Waikiki.

Hawaii Island

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Nestled in the azure waters of Honaunau Bay, Hawaii Island lures visitors with its ancient appeal. Discover the local underwater flora and fauna, then hike up to the high ground while exploring an active volcano.


3 1 560x241Maui is the perfect place for a road trip. With hundreds of curves and dozens of bridges, beautiful vistas lie around every corner. Fruit stands dot the way, along beaches and through bamboo forests.


3 560x241The island of Kauai is the home of Hawaii’s Grand Canyon, Waimea Canyon. This natural wonder of the world is complemented by Pihea Trail, which runs through a lush forest, and Kalalau, which overlooks stunning valleys ­­a great place to pause during a romantic sunset.