Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

the walking dead season 4 official poster banner promo comic con 560x194The Walking Dead returns to AMC for Season 4 in October, and on Friday we got our first look at the new season when the trailer was released at Comic-Con. It’s not just any trailer either, it’s four and a half minutes of awesomeness. Fans all over the Internet have spent all weekend pausing and creating stills for their own analysis, but we kinda just prefer to sit back and enjoy it :

We do have two minor observations though. First it appears at least the first few episodes will show a bit of compound building and fortification. A few scenes even show some crops being grown and the group finally starting to make the prison a settlement. Considering that various video games have been successful with this formula for a couple of decades now, we think the show could benefit from these story lines, even if they aren’t the most action packed.

Second, we noticed a short clip in there of Beth hugging Daryl. We’re totally on board with Daryl landing the cutest single lady (now that Maggie is taken) of the zombie apocalypse and think that makes much more sense than him hooking up with Carol, or Carl getting some love from Beth.