The Wall of Allegiance from New Era

New Era Hat

Look, we’re fans of New Era baseball caps too, and although we’re likely to shape the brim before we put it on, it’s the sticker thing where we have to draw the line. We never claimed to be hip to youth and urban culture, but leaving a sticker on a hat is a practice that we’ll definitely never understand. That is why we were happy to see the latest advertising from New Era, featuring many caps with the famous stickers removed!

First up is DJ Clark Kent, Lunice and Matt Kemp Exploring New Era’s Wall of Allegiance. Yeah, DJ Clark Kent looks like C.C. Sabathia in that outfit :

This second video features Atlantic Records recording artist Stalley, who notably takes the stickers off his New Era hats because he likes a clean cap.

Finally, for those who would like to join the revolution, and remove the stickers from the official cap of Major League Baseball, we present this handy instructional graphic :

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Now if we could just convince Bieber to pick one damn team and stick with them, all would be right with the world.