Warpia: Matchmaker for Your TV and PC

Did you ever want to watch something on your laptop, PC, or Mac on a larger screen? Tired of watching movies on a small screen? Warpia has made your wishes come true. It has a wireless USB A/V adapter set that shows everything on your computer on your TV. One of the greatest things about this adapter is that’s wireless. No cords and no mess make this a seamless transition.

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Everything that you do on the Internet, from watching movies, sharing pictures, and playing games can all be seen on your TV or projector. Plus, the Warpia adapter lets you multitask. You can stream a movie on your laptop and send it to your TV while you are working on your laptop. The adapter comes with and HDMI hookup so that you can use stereo sound.  All you need to do is connect the adapter to the a standard USB port on your computer and then connect the A/V adapter to your HDMI port on your TV and sit back and enjoy.

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Warpia is especially great if you have a Netflix subscription and download movies. You can watch the film on your flat screen TV and not worry about sending a disc back to Netflix.

You may think that something might be lost in the transition from the computer to the TV, but Warpia put a great deal of power and technology in the adapter. There is a 32 bit True Color depth for high quality images and up to a SXGA+ to create a resolution of 1400 x 1050. There is a 48 kHz 16 bit Stereo sound with an HD video up to 720p.

Right out of the box, I was able to set up the adapter in no time. There is a manual to guide those who might be a little technologically challenged.  This is a great invention for those who love everything about the computer but would want to experience a higher quality display. The Warpia adapter is also a plus for business meetings to give your presentation a boost. For under $170.00, you can start getting the most out of the Internet and your TV. You can pick up the Warpia adapter at their website at www.warpia.com, or other places like Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and Buy.com.