Washington Nationals : Chronicling Fail

129756 pirates nationals baseball 300x200It’s no secret that the Washington Nationals are the worst team in Major League Baseball and have become a national joke. As a resident of the area, I have paid close attention to the struggles of the Nats this season, and have been waiting for the right time to put together this piece. With the arrival of the All-Star break, and today’s firing of Manager Manny Acta, I felt the time was right. The Washington Nationals have endured one of the most ridiculous seasons that anyone can remember, and have been besieged by failure in all aspects of the franchise, not just on the field. In an effort to preserve this tremendous failure of a season, we have attempted to document it below. There was certainly no shortage of content when it comes to Nationals’ Failure.

December 19th : Nationals fail to sign Mark Teixeira

February 3rd : Nationals show interest in Manny

February 10th : Nationals fail to sign Ray Durham

February 11th : Dunn, Nationals agree to 2 year, $20 million deal

News4 2 75x75February 17th : Nationals Prospect falsified identity and age

February 18th : The “Player to be named later”

February 22nd : Odalis Perez signs contract, then decides he wants more

February 22nd : Feds expand probe into Jim Bowdens bonus skimming

Bowden 75x75March 1st : GM Bowden resigns over skimming probe

March 2nd : New Mascot Unveiled

March 2nd : More Nationals Mascot Fail

March 4th : Scott Olsen’s Mouth, and Smoking Habit

tavarezfianl 75x75March 16th : The Nats are Taverez’s Drunk Hook-Up

March 23rd : Nats’ beat reporter embarrassed to cover them

April 1st : SI.com Zimmermann spelling fail

April 7th : Stan Kasten Welcomes Philly Fans

hondo3 75x75April 8th : Nationals unveil hideous statues

April 10th : Kastan isn’t sorry for inviting Philly Fans

April 10th : Obama will not toss out first pitch on opening day

April 12th : Describing the Statue Fails

April 12th : Construction around park slumps

April 12th : Tickets still available for Opening Day

April 15th : Prized Prospect Lastings Milledge sent to Minors

johnson 75x75April 18th : Statue of HOFer Walter Johnson offends family

April 18th : Elijah Dukes benched for signing autographs for little leaguers

April 18th : Duke’s replacement, Bernadina, breaks ankle

washington natinals 75x75April 18th : ‘Natinals’ Uniform Fail

April 26th : MASN Commercials : Don’t forget the Nats stunk last year too

April 29th : Hanrahan replaced as Closer

May 15th : The Nats’ Top 10 Real ‘Defining Moments’

May 15th : MASN ads define split

3534407440 394daa57c4 75x75May 15th : Jordan Zimmermann Bat Spelling Fail

May 16th : Grounds crew can’t get tarp on field, fans come help

May 16th : Exploding Sausages Launched into Crowd

May 21st : Jim Bowden’s Twitter feed is funny

May 22nd : About those MASN ‘Defining Moments’

nats orioles hat 75x75May 24th : The O’s colored Nationals Hat

May 24th : Bobblehead Spelling Fail

May 31st : Nat’s dissed by MASN on Twitter

jimbowden 75x75June 3rd : Jim Bowden breaks his silence

June 3rd : Kosher Hot dog Fail

June 5th : Why Nationals Park sucks

June 7th : Fireworks Fail

natsclockfail 75x75June 7th : Timekeeping Fail

June 7th : Another Nationals Closer

June 10th : Failing to televise a rain delayed 9th inning comeback

June 10th: …and less than 100 fans watched it in the Stadium

ticketholde 75x75June 11th : Season Ticket ‘Holde’ Gift Fail

June 14th : Acta firing reported a month early

June 21st : Understanding the Nats’ Bullpen

June 24th : Red Sox Nation takes over D.C.

June 25th : Another Nats Bullpen Shuffle

June 28th : MASN Spelling Fail

lastings1 75x75June 30th : Milledge and Hanrahan traded to Pirates

July 1st : Nationals Bullpen blows another one

July 1st : Elijah Dukes sent to Minors

July 6th : Scoreboard Spelling Fail

6a00d8341c562353ef011571c68843970b 800wi 75x75July 6th : Nationals Fireworks Fail Redux : Blow load early

July 8th : Austin Kearns Baserunning Fail

July 9th : Checking in on Dmitri Young, the Nat’s $5 Million Minor Leaguer

July 9th : Rob Dibble on the Nats : “It’s Pathetic”

July 12th : End first half with Intentional Balk

133797 Nationals Rays Baseball 75x75July 13th : Nats fire manager Manny Acta

July 13th : E-mail Apology to Fans

That seems exhaustive enough, but sadly I am sure I am missing plenty. If you have any additional links, feel free to add them in the comments section. Go Nats!