Watch The Crazy Trailer For MTV’s Skins

skins mtv

I’m a huge fan of the British teen dramedy series Skins, so I was more than a little skeptical when I heard MTV was adapting it for their once-groundbreaking-now-just-plain-shitty network. The original material is so edgy and kicks so much ass, equaling or improving upon it seems highly unlikely. Especially from the dopes who brought us such cultural blights as The Hills, 16 and Pregnant and I Used to Be Fat.

That being said, the extended preview for the show — which premieres January 17th at 10pm — is pretty damn good. It was made exclusively to help promote the series and steals a page from the movie The Rules of Attraction by unfolding the action in reverse. Its got plenty of binge drinking, illicit drug use, sex toys and, of course, skin. I’m certain MTV will still manage to fuck up the actual episodes, but the trailer has at least piqued my interest. (Via Vulture)