Watch the Debbie Gibson/Tiffany Catfight From Their Syfy Movie

gibson tiffany

When it was announced ’80s pop princesses Debbie Gibson and Tiffany would be starring together in a Syfy original creature feature, I nearly exploded in my pants. The vision of these two hotties engaged in a scantily clad catfight consumed my thoughts for days. Debbie with her well-formed bottom and Tiffany with her massive breasts — touching and grabbing one another. It would be a twenty-year-old fantasy come true.

Well, Syfy was gracious enough to share this spectacular scene for all the world to ogle. So, without further ado, here is Debbie vs. Tiffany in Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. (After the annoying commercial.)

“I think… we’re alone now.” Yes, they went there. I must watch again. Anyone seen the Lubriderm? *sound of pants unzipping*