Watch A Young Eli Manning Play Front Yard Football

eli manning 560x402Videos of famous athletes as children playing grab ass in their front yards are usually complete wastes of time, but this one of a big-headed Eli Manning gallivanting with his little friends is pure gold. I’ve watched it three times and still haven’t grown sick of its charms, and I fuc*ing loathe the littlest Manning.

Why I love this video:

1) The kiddies ignore the parents’ orders to play two-hand tap and gang tackle Eli. Even then he was hateable.

2) Like a harbinger of things to come, Peyton is standing on the sideline doing nothing, presumably due to a sore neck.

3) Dopey Eli spiking the ball then falling on his stupid face. Priceless.

4) Showing a blatant disregard of the rules, Eli refuses to back away from the opponent’s huddle. What a douche.

5) Eli being a selfish prick the entire time. God forbid someone else touch the ball.

6) Archie Manning throws a pass that isn’t intercepted. Unbelievable.

Like I said, pure gold.

[Via BuzzFeed]