Watching March Madness with Slingbox

Slingbox Feature 1 1 560x280Last week we told you about how we’re working with the good folks at Slingbox and they had sent us a Slingbox 500 to test out during March Madness. We even gave you an awesome opportunity to win your own. Now that we’ve had the device installed at our office for over a week, we wanted to share some of our experience using the Slingbox to enjoy the first week of the NCAA Tournament. Check out this quick video for a little taste of what Slingbox can do :

The first week of the NCAA Tournament is a busy time, with the field being narrowed from 68 to 16 teams over the course of 6 days. If you’re like most people, you have your bracket filled out, and you don’t want to miss any of the action. Slingbox is absolutely perfect in this situation, because it allows you to take your television with you wherever you go, even if it’s just to your basement or bathroom.

Slingbox March Madness 2 560x280So when you’re in the middle of watching one game, and then your home team is set to tip off, you can just add a second screen to the mix. It’s important to note in the example above, we’ve installed the Slingbox on a second television in our office, and then we “sling” that signal to the iPad so we can take it into our theater. Of course you’re going to want to put your main game on the big screen, so in the next photo you can see that we have the Terps playing on the big screen, but now we’re also watching our Capitals play on the iPad.

Slingbox March Madness 1 560x280But what happens when you need to head out of the house for a few minutes to pick up dinner? Why, take the game with you of course. Below we’ve switched the basketball game to the iPhone, so we can carry it with us to go pickup pizza. Slingbox works over LTE and 4G, and can automatically adjust the quality of the stream to match your signal quality.

Slingbox March Madness 5 560x280We’ve used the Slingbox extensively over the past few days to enjoy March Madness, and we’ve captured some additional images which show off some more Slingbox features. We’re particularly fond of the Sports Gallery view on the iPad, which shows us all of the games available on our television at the moment, and what the scores are. This is a killer feature for anytime you sit down to enjoy sports, but especially when there are multiple games on.

With Slingbox, TV comes with us, even on the plane. In the image below, you can see how we used Slingbox to watch the NFL Combine about two weeks ago while on a plane to San Diego. We spend a ton of time on the plane (or a train tomorrow actually) and absolutely love Slingbox for being able to take our television with us wherever we go when we travel.

Slingbox March Madness 6 560x280It’s true that there are a bunch of different services available for streaming television these days, but most cost money, and are very limited. With Slingbox, there is no charge above your normal Cable or Satellite package, and there are no restrictions or blackouts. We can watch every channel or even DVR content, wherever we go. That is what separates it from the rest, and makes Slingbox still the best way to go mobile with your favorite programming.

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