We Love Spam!

So, we don’t really love spam, but occasionally we get a spam message funny enough to forward on to all of our friends (at least the ones who aren’t stupid enough to actually click on any of the links). Here’s one hilarious example:

Hello! ;)sorry, you don’t know me but maybe I want to know you ;)…I am with not bad body pretty girl…I very want to meet man of my dream, i dont know how should he to look…but maybe it’s you? I have a lot of time for meetings and if you have any ideas how to spend it with me… just email me back at [email protected] i will reply back with some really cool photos with me …and maybe you will want to meet me next day))) see you . kiss

Best regards

[email protected]

I hope you didn’t send any e-mail to that address, but if you did maybe you’ll get some wonderful spam just like the example above.

Since October 1, Boing Boing TV has been running a series of videos of John Hodgman (PC) reading some of their favorite examples of spam called Spamasterpeice Theatre, though I think he’s just advertising for his new book, More Information Than You Require. I read his first book, The Areas of My Expertise, and it was hilarious.

Check out the videos below: