Weekend Preview – Corporate Acid Trip or “Training Day 2”

This weekend is a lot like last weekend: there are two movies, one looks pretty good and the other features a once-respected director nakedly cashing a paycheck.

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First up is Tim Burton, who has obviously just stopped giving a shit with “Alice in Wonderland”, which has done a spectacularly bad job of explaining that this is actually a movie about Alice coming BACK to Wonderland as an adult. It’s also done a spectacularly bad job of entertaining people, if the advance reviews are anything to believe. Of course, it’s not like Disney cares; as long as it turns out characters and designs for t-shirt they can sell to the fat girls trying to pretend they’re just misunderstood at Hot Topic, they’ll make a fortune. And Burton keeps his baby mama employed, so there’s that, although we’d think turning your wife into a freak-ass bobblehead would cause martial problems.

Brooklyns Finest 3 560x375The actually good movie this week is “Brooklyn’s Finest”, starring Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke and Wesley Snipes, who’s making a comeback after his little indiscretion with the IRS. This’ll be interesting to see how it hits, and advance word has been strong.

So expect Alice to, like, triple its gross this weekend.