Weekend Preview – Oh. Great. Furries.

Avatar 560x381

So, this weekend, it’s all about the animal fetishes.

First up, there’s “Avatar”, which we were excited about until we found out it’s a movie about a dude who turns into a cat-man, goes among the cat-people, and bones cat-girl before fighting the evil humans who want to exploit the planet, after an hour and a half of James Cameron explaining how awesome this planet is in intimate detail.  So “Avatar” sounds like a cross between everything we hate about nerds, everything we hate about hippies, and furry porn.  There is lovingly rendered furry porn opening on four thousand screens across the country.

What happened, James Cameron?  Where did you go wrong?  Or is the weed in California just that good.

morgans 300x199

What the hell is this movie even about?

Opening also is “Did You Hear About the Morgans?”, which we have no idea what it’s about, but since it stars Sarah Jessica Parker, we’re just going to assume it’s a light romantic comedy remake of the indie film “Zoo”, which was about a dude banging a horse.  Here’s a trailer for the hot horse-banging action:

Have fun at “Avatar”, you closet furries.