Weekend Preview: This is “It?”

michael jackson this is it movie poster

We know what you’re thinking.  It’s Halloween!  There’s absolutely no way that Hollywood, the town that loves putting out cheap horror movies any time of the year, would fail to jump right on a release date of the day before Halloween for a cheap horror flick to make some quick cash.

Well, you would be absolutely wrong.  Aside from “This Is It”, which hit theaters on Wednesday, there is not a single…wide…release.

In limited release news, the sequel to the greatest movie ever, “The Boondock Saints”, is opening in sixty theaters, while Jared Hess, who is directly to blame for “Napoleon Dynamite”, sees his next act of hatred against God and man, “Gentlemen Broncos”, open in two theaters.  Also there’s a horror movie, “The House of the Devil”, opening on three screens.

So, yeah, Hollywood’s pretty much packing your ass off to the video store this week.  Happy Halloween, suckers!