Weekend War – Movies Coming Out This Friday

SawVI 75x75This weekend sees the arrival of a zombie franchise.  No, sadly, this weekend doesn’t see the return of George Romero.  We’re talking about “Saw”, the franchise that just won’t die.  Considering this movie cost only $10 million to make, we won’t see a headshot for a while.

amelia 75x75Opening wide to try and get the jump on the Oscar rush is biopic “Amelia”.  This heralds the exciting period known as the Gold Derby, where everyone pretends they’ve seen any of the nominees and that they care.

For people who love guns that come out of your ass, and really, who doesn’t, the big-screen CGI “Astro Boy” also hits this Friday and John C. Reilly packs a paycheck as a vampire in “Cirque Du Freak”, which looks like “Twilight”, but intentionally funny and with fewer unintentional homosexual overtones.

ong bak2.28490554 std 75x75That’s it for the wide releases, but if you’re lucky enough to live in a market where “Ong Bak 2” is opening, then you have your plans for this weekend.  It’s got a fistfight where Tony Jaa (Jaa means “Blows the Back Of Your Skull Off with Awesome” in Thai) doesn’t even stand up to beat people down, and a moment where he does a wall flip.  Off an elephant.

What’s that?  You want more?  He does a wall flip off an elephant!  Why the hell haven’t you bought a ticket already?