Weird Al Wins the Internet this Week

Mandatory Fun 560x218Earlier this week we told you about Weird Al Yankovic‘s #8Videos8Days release schedule for his new album, Mandatory Fun. We joked that we would probably be sharing one with you every day. We weren’t that far off, they’re really that good. His plan is even more brilliant in that each day the videos are produced and released by a different partner, thus leveraging their networks for promotion. The strategy seems to be working, as you can’t go anywhere on the internet this week without seeing Weird Al, and his new album is the top seller on iTunes.

On Monday he partnered with Nerdist for the release of the Pharrell parody, Tacky. On Tuesday he partnered with Vevo for the release of Word Crimes based on Robin Thicke’s work. On Wednesday he dropped the next gem on College Humor, FOIL, a parody of Lorde’s Royals :

On Thursday he worked with Yahoo! to release a parody of Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, in the form of a clever local handyman commercial, Handy.

Which brings us to his new release today. While possibly the weakest offering so far (they’re bound to go down hill a bit), Sports Song was a collaborative effort with Funny or Die. It marks the first video this week with a completely original song, and with its potential to be played at sporting events across the country for years, it could have the longest life of the bunch.

Lest you think that Weird Al could only deliver the goods in over produced videos these days, he then went on Conan and delivered a jaw dropping walking live performance of Tacky :

Congratulations Weird Al Yankovic, you won the internet this week.