Weird Al is Back


It’s been said that you’ve really not made it in the record business until you’ve been parodied by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic. And that, folks, is one hell of a compliment considering over half of the bands and performers he’s mocked have fallen along the musical wayside. Is it a curse much akin to being on the cover of Madden? Nah, its really just a testament to Al’s staying power. He is an extremely talented song writer and parodist, and everyone knows it. Even if, on occasion, they don’t necessarily want him to overshadow their own work. Thankfully, the debacle that happened last month between Lady GaGa, her producer, and Al ended amiably and this video -as well as a completed album called ‘Alpocalypse‘ due tomorrow- is one of the results:

If you didn’t just laugh your ass off at Al’s good-natured ribbing of the clown princess of pop, you need to have your head examined. Al knows exactly what he’s doing, how exactly to do it, and the performing chops to back it up. If you want to see the new album and even possibly get your grubby hands on a few different versions, head to the website HERE.

But some might be asking, “Is Al still relevant or even funny?” Well, as a huge Al fan -one who was even a Close Personal Friend of Al back when you had to order it by mail in the late 80’s- I would say the dude has ALWAYS been funny. As for relevance and the timing of the new album, sure, it took a while, mostly because songs and their respective artists don’t have the staying power they once had when chart toppers like Huey Lewis, Michael Jackson, and Madonna reigned supreme. Al has said it just takes a lot longer since he tries to release his songs in conjunction with the hits they parody, and when they fall so fast, it’s tough. But, I for one am geeked to hear the tracks I’ve yet to hear (you can find six currently on YouTube– go look, you’ll see) and will be right there at the store making my buy. No downloading for me.

Anyway, let’s support the last great parodist and give it to Al for still making funny with his great tunes. Who’s with me?