Wendy’s BBQ Pulled Pork Journey

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We love good BBQ here at Gunaxin, especially when the weather turns cool and crisp in the Fall. Nothing beats firing up the smoker and letting it cook all day while you’re raking leaves. So we were intrigued when we heard that Wendy’s was serving up pulled pork on the menu. The folks at Wendy’s are aware that they aren’t exactly known for having authentic BBQ. Tasty hamburgers and fries served up quickly is a completely different culinary world than low and slow. So when they wanted to add BBQ to their menu, Wendy’s went to the pitmasters of the BBQ Belt for inspiration. Those pitmasters aren’t quick to give up their secrets, but one thing was readily apparent, hickory smoke was key:

Three key points stood out from their travels, which have been incorporated into their new product. First is to start with only the best pork shoulder, a leaner cut that shreds nicely and looks as good as it tastes. Second is to smoke low and slow with hickory wood. Lastly, Wendy’s learned from BBQ experts that the best way to apply BBQ sauce is to drizzle it on top of the meat right before it’s served. The result is a quality pulled pork product that Wendy’s is proud to serve, without hiding an inferior product by smothering it in too-much BBQ sauce.

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“A cut above any other quick-service restaurant offering, Wendy’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich is made of tender, premium, lean pork shoulder, slow-smoked for hours with real hickory chips. The succulent shredded meat is topped with your choice of a custom-crafted BBQ sauce – sweet, smoky or spicy – and served with cool, crunchy coleslaw on a toasted brioche bun.”

The choice of sauce is definitely important. While I normally go with a smoky sauce, my wife prefers sweet. Being able to customize your sandwich with your favorite sauce is definitely something we love about BBQ joints, and we’re glad to see Wendy’s went with that strategy. I’m honestly not a big fan of coleslaw, but I’m sure I could order my sandwich without to suit my taste. There is however another way to enjoy this pulled pork without the slaw. How about some BBQ cheese fries?

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“Wendy’s Pulled Pork Cheese Fries feature natural-cut fries, with a topping of rich cheddar cheese sauce, hickory-smoked pulled pork and diced red onions—topped with a choice of three sauces.”

Both the Wendy’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Pulled Pork Cheese Fries are available at Wendy’s restaurants across the United States for a limited time, learn more at the Wendy’s Website. This fall, we’re going to reject the pumpkin-spiced everything, and instead opt for some hickory smoked goodness. While Wendy’s got a few tips, plenty of the great BBQ pit masters’ secrets remain uncovered. Unlock those mysteries for your self in the “Crack the Masters” interactive game below :