Wet Circuits Power Strip


My how far we have come with technology. Wet Circuits is a company that has come out with a power strip that does not have any fear against water. They designed the power strip to prevent accidental electrocutions, minimize chances of appliances short circuiting and burning out, and eliminate the fires caused by cords overheating. So if you are like me and sometimes forget to use your brain, well the Wet Circuit power strip is perfect for you.

The power cord is made with the intention to be water resistant.  Their patented design and special protective material minimize the flow of electricity when in contact with water. This allows machines that you have plugged in to keep working while you are protected from being electrocuted. The Wet Circuits power strip helps with accidental water spilled on the outlets, occasional rain and snow, wet hands and – get this – temporary flooding. Still, Wet Circuits does state that you should not submerge it under water from more than two hours. Special protective material may wear off after prolonged exposure under water.


I remember I was tailgating at a New England Patriots game a few year back. One of my friends had a sick set up. He had a few TV’s up for the early games and a laptop to check our fantasy football lineups. While we were tailgating, it started to rain and he had to shut everything down in fear of electrocution. Man I wish we had the Wet Circuit power strip. We could have kept on partying before the game. Now anytime I go to tailgate the power strip will always come with me.

Another great feature is it helps protect your power strip from overheating. Besides a fuse, there is a circuit breaker that discontinues any flow of electric power when our product reaches between 221°F~239°F, which prevents any fire caused by overloading. A normal power strip outlet can withstand 5,000 times of plug and unplug. Wet Circuits can do four times as much. So, if you are looking for a sweet power cord that is perfect for the outdoors and indoors, check out the Wet Circuits power strip. The cost is $70.00 and can be purchased at their website.