What happened to Heather Graham?

So what did happen to Heather Graham? As in, why does it seem like she’s fallen off the face of the earth?

heather1 300x225I guess you could say this happens to a lot of actresses. She had good looks, but not so much on the acting talent side of things. And careers for actresses on the whole don’t have the longevity of their male counterparts.¬† Let’s take a look at her career path.

Her first credited acting appearance was in an episode of Growing Pains in 1987 (maybe she can hang out with Leo DiCaprio at the reunion?). She appeared in a variety of movies and TV shows along the way including the critically acclaimed Twins Peaks and in one of my favorite overlooked movies, Diggstown.


Felicity Shagwell

But she really hit it big as Rollergirl in the 1997 hit Boogie Nights. A string of major studio movies followed: Scream 2,¬†Lost in Space, and the major blockbuster Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me as Felicity Shagwell. But after that, the roles and movies tended to get smaller. Her much maligned turn as an Irish hooker in From Hell didn’t help the perception that she was just another pretty face. Soon her biggest work was on TV. A reoccuring role on Scrubs got a good reception from fans and critics, but her own TV show, Emily’s Reason Why Not, was quickly cancelled.



Now she’s doing obscure movies. It’s still work, but have we written off Heather Graham too quickly? At least she’s not doing her own reality show like Denise Richards,¬†another pretty face from the late 90s. I say we need more Heather Graham. Her fifteen minutes aren’t quite up.