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Masters of None Episode 4.10 -What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

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When you’re little, the world is your oyster. You could be anything if you put your mind to it. Then the adult world kicks you in the balls and laughs in your face at such a distorted notion. But forget about that now, instead lets take a look at the fantasy that once answered the question – “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Check out more examples on our latest episode as well.

Security Guard at a Chocolate Factory

charlie and the chocolate factory 06

Imagine having a can of Pepper Spray on one side of your belt, and a handful of nougat as you patrol the halls of a Choco-tastic career opportunity.  And nothing gets the ladies like showing up in your uniform after your shift, smelling of sweets and telling a possible score “Yeah baby, I can get all the Krackles I want”

NFL Referee –


Prepare to get JACKED! This generation’s NFL referee don’t take no shit so make sure you can bench your weight before preseason starts. Ed Hochuli has pretty much set the standard for bicep girth when it comes to NFL refs. So not only will you get a good workout, throw your beanbag hanky like a lawn dart,  but you can point out the missteps of overpaid babies in front of millions! Score!

Bounty Hunter –

dog bounty hunter

Run around the galaxy looking for your next payday encased in carbonite or comb the streets looking for that meth-head that has skirted the system. Either way you’re going to be able to be proficient with a flame thrower and bear mace. Not to mention you’ll be able to own a sweet mullet.

You want more? There are a ton more on this weeks episode.  Take a listen now.

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