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Masters of None – 4.19 – Whatever Happened To…

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Did you ever sit back and just think about certain things in your life that are no longer there anymore? It was as if they never existed. You think that your missing sock from the laundry is on a carton of milk in hopes someone finds it for you. (Which now that I think about it……whatever happened to the missing ads on the milk carton?) See there you go, the mind can just wander about things from the past and just then you miss that person, place, or thing so much that you create a search party to rescue said item from obscurity.

Missing Milk

Well we had our second installment of “Whatever happened to,” on our podcast and Jay, Mike, and I started discussing things from dead Golden Girls to belly buttons to pubic hair.  One of my items from the past that I still hold near and dear to my heart is the restaurant Ponderosa. What the hell ever happened to that place? It was not only the place for Large Marge to eat, but for me as a kid it was walking into a saloon from the Wild West and just having an endless buffet of food and dessert. The only thing missing from the restaurant was Sarsaparilla, which reminds me whatever happened to….(shit wait I had that as a topic from our first installment of the whatever happened to, sorry.  That train has left the station.  Moving on past Sarsaparilla in this article…..but solving that mystery is still in my heart.

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It should not be amazing to me on how fast things come and things go in our society where everyone now has ADD. Things these days are like catch phrases cool for one minute then the next minute three clever and witty guys talk about these long gone items in a podcast. Still we have to thank Al Gore father of the Interwebs for having the ability to hunt down these people, places, or things with a click of the mouse. Plus sites like eBay allow you to capture some of the missing items in your life. For example how about walkie talkies? Where the hell did those things go? I loved back in the day playing with those things. You and your friends would be running around outside just talking nonsense in those things for hours. Hell you could be in the same room and still have fun talking to them on the walkie talkie. The funny thing is that being in the same room; you still could not hear one word your buddy is screaming into that thing. More that I think about it, this article should be more like whatever happened to my childhood.

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So enjoy the show and hopefully not only will you think about the things Jay, Mike, and I talk about, but you will also start thinking about your own people, places, or things and maybe just maybe eBay has that item you cherished so much that you forgot about it……until now.